Love is in the air — part 2

Good day to you ..  As promised I will talk about another wedding set from my collection.  It was hard to figure out the order to do these rings in … so I thought I would mix them up .. The one I chose is The Dark Queen.  I know weddings are supposed to be bright and cheerful, but in some circles they prefer darker metals and richer stones …

So for today I bring you The Dark Queen, a wedding set crafted of the finest onyx edged with oxidized silver.  The  center Ruby is a cushion cut flanked by tiny pave rubies on each side.  This set includes 2 wedding bands, 1 engagement ring, and the Bridal Set.  For a brighter look, I have also done the set in Emeralds, Aquamarine, and Citrine stones as shown below.  A virtual rainbow of gems for those of the darker side …

On a personal note dear reader .. well no notes today ,., lets just keep it as “Thank the beings that it is finally Friday” …

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Love is in the Air …

They say that June is the month for weddings .. and weddings = love .. I recently observed some jewelry students in the CIF&D Master Jewelers class showing their wedding rings assignment in SL.  Many were beautiful .. It brought me to remember my own week of wedding rings .. the wonder if it could be done in a week .. 5 sets of rings  .. but you know it is doable and I found that once you got started it went well.  So as a tribute to my teacher Preston (his therapy is going well I am told) and the Dean of CIF&D, Rox .. I am going to show my rings and my thoughts behind each set …

The first set is called  The Samurai Wedding.  It uses a technique called Mokume-gane.  Now for a bit of history ..  (thanks to wiki)

Mokume-gane (木目金, Mokumegane?) is a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns. Translating as burl metal, the name was borrowed from one type of pattern created in the forging of swords and other edged weapons.
First made in 17th-century Japan, the mixed-metal was used only for sword fittings until the Meiji era, when the decline of the katana industry forced artisans to create purely decorative items instead. The inventor, Denbei Shoami (1651–1728), initially called his product guri bori for its simplest form’s resemblance to guri, a type of carved lacquerwork with alternating layers of red and black. Other historical names for it were kasumi-uchi (cloud metal), itame-gane (wood-grain metal), and yosefuki. (Pijanowski & Pijanowski, 2001).

So here you have .. The Samurai Wedding

From the time of the Samurai, the bands of this set are constructed of sheets of platinum, gold alloys, and  sterling silver, expertly fused together, and then forged and carved to create each unique pattern.

The center diamond of the Engagement ring is set in Platinum and provides a lovely contrast to the patterns in the bands.  Tiny pave diamonds flank each side and are repeated on the wedding bands.

This set is scripted for sizing ..  boxed for giving.  The Set includes:

  • 1 Double wedding  band
  • 1 Single wedding band
  • 1 Engagement Ring
  • 1 Bridal set with ring guards

This is a set that is unique and will sure to bring a smile to that someone special … Enjoy!!

On a personal note .. dear reader .. guess what .. I found the spell checker .. yipee … now you don’t have to put up with my phonetic spelling .. you see when I was in school, back about the time of the dinosaurs .. they tried an experiment to teach us to spell phonetically.  Well lets just say that experiment did not have the results they were hoping for.  But bless the spell checkers of the world .. it doesn’t matter as much.    I am reminded when trying to get my son to study his spelling words, he looked at me and proclaimed, “I don’t need to know these words Mom, I will have a secretary!”  Well there is no secretary for me .. just my trusty spell checker.

Have a great day my friends!!!


It’s All About Remembering

Hi there … I know I said I would start at the beginning of my jewelry collection … well this piece is important for this post.  It started out as a challenge from my friends Rox and MC .. but turned into something very personal.

It is a set .. a pendant and earrings.  The pendant is crafted of Green Serpentine and Emerald Malachite.  The trio of rings are made of shades of onyx ranging from the darkest to a sweet happy green.  The black onyx Stratocaster sports fine gold wires to highlight that cool dark stone.  It is encircled in a half moon of Emeralds.

The earrings are deconstructed from the pendant.  They are sweet and could be worn either casual or even with a formal gown.

Now .. the technial aside this piece means so much to me .. the trio of rings represent my 3 sons .. one is the darkest of dark .. he is so serious and thinks alot, where another is not as serious but the family clown.  The 3rd and lightest circle is for my sweet boy who is no longer with us .. he brought a smile to all he met.   The gutair was his way to communicate to the world.  So my dear friends, it is with pride and a quiet tear that I present to you .. Remembrance .. the first in a series of gems and stones.

Have a good day!


Greetings and Welcome!!!

Welcome to the world of Ginny Noyes .. Yep .. its me.  I hope to be able to share with you my creations, thoughts, and maybe some fun.  Check back often .. I plan to blog every piece I have created along with a sprinkling of other things I find.  I am a mother, builder, wife, and I even like spiders and snakes!!

My sons will provide some interesting things, although they are men these days (so they say!)

I hope this will be a fun ride for you the reader .. and me the author .. so .. guess as they say!!  On with the show …

Have a great day!!!